The Benefits of Pressure Treated Fence Panels

Posted by Kai

Why can buy cheap fence panels when you can choose to pay a little more and find pressure treated fence panels that are going to last you many more years and require much less regular maintenance to keep them standing as your garden fencing.

What is the real difference?

The very cheapest fence panels will have been drip treated before they are delivered to you. This is to preserve the fence panels for the short time they rest in a manufacturer’s store or at your local garden superstore. This will only protect them for a very short period from rain and infestation.

If you purchased this style of garden fencing, you will have to stain or paint treat them completely. You will have to take this action immediately if you are not going to install them during the first couple of weeks after delivery to you. Sometimes it is easier to carry out this treatment to your garden fencing before you install it, but others will suggest that it is easier to spray paint your fence panels when they are in place.

Pressure treated fence panels are completely different to the cheaper variety. These fence panels have been through a specialised timber treatment to protect them against wet, rot and infestation for a few years.

This style of garden fencing can be installed at your leisure without risking damage from the elements.

The amount of regular maintenance that needs to be performed on pressure treated fence panels is far less than the cheaper selection because your fence panels have been treated to the very depths of the wood, rather than just the outsides to seal water from entering the wood.

What does pressure treated mean?

The fence wood is placed in an extremely large vacuum. Large quantities of high quality wood preservative are placed into that vacuum. This timber treatment is then forced into the garden fencing wood and soaks and saturates the timber deep into the grain.

Although these fence panels are going to cost more money, over the long term they may save you money as there is far less risk of needing to replace them for a long time.

By protecting the wood with this deep treatment, it protects the wood against water penetration and therefore damp, which would usually rot the wood. This style of treatment makes the wood excellent for any outdoor use like garden fencing.

The chemicals used also repel any wood moulds. The moulds cannot feed on the timber because the chemicals used are highly toxic to those types of mould.

The treatment also acts as a deterrent against wood eating insects as the chemicals turn them in the opposite direction to find their food.

Fence panels should ideally be placed on gravel boards so that they don’t rest on the ground. Pooling water can damage wood quite quickly so concrete or treated wooden gravel boards will prevent water from rising into your garden fencing.

It’s easy to find fence panels online by visiting your favourite manufacturer, where you will be able to see a wide range of different styles of fence panels to suit your garden. Choosing panels that have been pressure treated will greatly extend the life expectancy of your garden fencing.